Piloting underway - Feedback wanted!

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Piloting underway - Feedback wanted!
by Juan Bartolome - Tuesday, 22 November 2016, 8:16 AM

November 2016

Dear colleagues, dear friends,

You are receiving the third newsletter from the Healthcare English Language Programme (HELP) project. We are happy to announce that the piloting phase has been launched!

Piloting underway

The HELP project has entered its next stage. Following the Needs Analysis and materials production phases, we are finally working with tangible and practical products. At present, the Consortium Partners are cooperating with selected groups of teachers, students and self-learners in Higher Education, and in the professional environment of healthcare and medical tourism, who are testing the materials both in printed and on-line formats. The project’s online platform is based on the LMS Moodle and offers audio and video support for each module. There are 14 medical modules and 6 on intercultural competence available for pilot testing. The intercultural modules can be used also in other fields of education. If you wish to take part in the pilot testing, feel free to contact any Consortium Partner in your country or close to your location.

Feedback wanted

Piloting is voluntary and modules are available for free, but in return, we are requesting quality feedback. The purpose of the piloting phase is to gather relevant feedback from real users and to learn from their experience. The feedback from piloting participants will be collected with a set of quick and easy on-line questionnaires and will be used to improve the materials, to debug the on-line platform and to fine-tune the modules. The piloting phase ends in December 2016 and your feedback will be analysed by the end of January 2017 by the national project partners and the Irish work package leader in order to finalise the project’s outcomes.

What comes next?

In spring 2017, the materials will be edited for printing and a textbook with DVD will be published. We are also developing a mobile app to mirror the on-line platform to make HELP products easier, more practical and readily accessible. The official launch ceremony of the textbook, the app and the on-line platform is set for 15 June 2017. The event will be held during the final conference which will take place in Olomouc, Czech Republic. Please mark the date and consider yourselves cordially invited!

Thank you for your involvement and support,

Your HELP Team