For Whom

The programme is for everyone who wants or needs to work on communication skills for healthcare, care for elderly and healthcare tourism. We are developing a learning programme for:

  • Professionals working as nurses, in elderly care taking and other healthcare profession, organised or individually, and that have a need of further learning, formal and/or informal, in order to meet the workplace needs
  • Universities, Medical High schools and Language Centres, European language teachers who teach English for Medical Purposes;
  • European students from medical universities and medical centres, BA and MA programmes, who want to do apprenticeship or internship in European countries, attend courses and Erasmus programmes;
  • European medical graduates and healthcare workers who want to develop professionally and be mobile on the EU labour market;
  • Local governments and stakeholders dealing with challenges linked to internationalisation in care for elderly and healthcare
  • Translators who deal with documents related to the field
  • Service and management staff working in the growing sector of healthcare tourism.

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