Material design

O3 - A1 HELP material design

Output description:

Development of the content structure based on previous outputs results and partners’ expertise, agreement on a common scope to produce a learning environment that fulfills educational requirements for English training for healthcare staff at B1 and B2 levels in the Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia, Ireland and Spain; involvement of stakeholders in these countries; Assessment of the collected good practice and decision on further use;  Specifying key vocabulary and key content of intercultural issues;  Specifying main activities for learner-centered learning approach, “real life” simulation tasks and projects, learning strategies; Designing the organization of the units and curriculum to enable use in formal and informal learning environments; Designing presentation of the learning content: navigation, illustrations, layout, media support.


Language experts who have been teaching specialist English to the healthcare sector at medical universities from the Departments of Foreign Languages (P3, P5, P6, P7) will take care of selection of materials and learning approaches. P6 will provide templates and input from practical perspective of teaching healthcare English. P4 who is expert for didactics of foreign language training and QM will provide input.   

We will organize regular exchange of ideas among the partners by interdisciplinary team work.

Quality indicators will be developed; Stake holders will be involved into the design and agreement of the development concept for the new contents.

Performance O2:

 O2 DESIGN PHASE Work package Leader: English in Medical Practice Association (PL)
Who? What? When? comments
P7/all Assessment of the collected information 31.03.15  
Structured folder in Admin to collect good practise exercises 01.02.15  
Draft model-unit (specifying key activities 15.04.15  
Agreement on overall module format




28th April– skype meeting on O2 implementation – exchanging information / opinions about Good Practice Exercises and a Module Format



specifying key thematic issues which will be the basis for the content development for learners; 30.04.15 specifying further content learning structure in details, division into subsections;



Agreement on overall module format (at Klaipeda meeting) 15.05.15  



Agreement on style guide draft for module writing at Klaipeda meeting 15.05.15  
P6 specifying international issues according to International Classification for Nursing Practice  (ICNP) 31.05.15  

Results of the O2:
•    Design of the organization of the units and curriculum to enable use in formal and informal learning environments

Lead Partner: Lead partner: P6 English in Medical Practice Association PL

Collaborative Partners:

P1 Tecnalia Research & Innovation  (ES)

P2 Fast Track into Information Technology Ltd. (FIT) (IE)

P3 Faculty of Health Sciences, Palacký University Olomouc (CZ)

P4 Pro-kompetenz (DE)

P5 Klaipeda University, Department of Nursing, Faculty of Health (LT)

P7 Slovenská Zdravotnícka Univerzita (SK)

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