How is HELP different?

How is HELP different from other learning programmes?

HELP is a modular, media supported training programme. The modular content covers a number of healthcare related subjects. Authors’ intention is to contribute to consolidate professional knowledge, learnt in the national language and presented the most relevant medical topics in a practical way. Usefulness of content for practice is the most important motif in language learning. Authors also sought to keep a good balance between professional focus and development of communication skills. The content and media address also the emotional side to support learning. The new prerequisites for foreign language and intercultural competences are transforming the teaching techniques, approaches, methods and equipment. HELP fulfils specific practical communication requirements for different fields of professional activity (care, hospital, medical tourism), as well as ethical and intercultural preparation in a holistic way. This means, overcoming patchwork materials and using the well-thought-out learning supports which include audio, video and app for formal and informal learning settings.

HELP meets the formal education requirements during professional studies, for further learning and just-in-time workplace orientation.