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O3 - A3 Production of online learning resources

03 –A3.1: HELP learning platform

Activity description:

P1 as the lead partner has experience with the development and implementation of learning platforms. They bring also in almost all required technical resources for an autonomous development of the required tools so that development costs can be minimized compared to subcontracting costs.

The learning HELP platform will be built at P1 and later transferred also to partners servers for sustainable use and options of adaptation. The learning HELP platform will be built based on Open source software. It will use Moodle, which is used by many Universities and it is flexible enough to allocate the learning resources, design training courses, implement different types of exercises and on-line tests, etc., many students and professions are already acquainted to the use of Moodle. This tool is available at any time and any place.

This platform will be accompanied by the development of several apps linked to the platform in order to facilitate the access to the learning resources from mobile devices. The quantity of apps will be determined by O3-A1 results. These apps will be available under free licenses.

The platform will be designed for use in formal learning approaches too e.g. for cooperative learning phases in the classroom. In order to meet requirements for informal learning, there will be free access for interested students and professionals for self-paced learning. Adequate sections with tips and guidance for self-paced learning in informal settings will be developed and stored on the platform.


Platform development will start with an agreed concept and first content provided by the partners in month 17 and will lead to an interim result with translated and localized content in month 25 for testing. Platform testing (apps included) will be carried out in months 25-30 and content as well as platform structures will further be developed in line with piloting results.

During the first phase Tecnalia (P1) will develop graphic design of the platform. The structure will be adapted to the needs of target group which reflects "PREPARATION – ANALYSIS OF NEEDS" activities (O1).

Next step will be filling the content which will be prepared by participating partners.

Third part of development will be focused on testing functionality of the platform and creating background tools (accounts, testing environment, creating other tools as forum etc). Localization of content will be finished in this phase too. Apps will be developed during this phase, too.

Fourth part of this work package will be focused on pilot testing of the learning platform.

Last activity of this work package will be realized after testing and will be focused on incorporating changes and requirements that arise during the process of pilot testing. Preparation of transfer to partner server for sustainable use and further development.

As of May 2017, there are almost 600 registered users who accessed the platform from all corners of Europe.

And we have had some wordlwide responses as well:

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