Pro-Kompetenz, the Institute for Project Support and Competencies Development, was founded in 2003 and is a registered association recognised as a “Friendly Society”.

Main objectives are:

  • To design education for the promotion of human potentials in a holistic and sustainable way.
  • To support education by expertise from many years of practice and applied research.

For HELP the institute brings in expertise in the following fields:

  • The institute will be responsible for Project management and quality assurance by formative evaluation. Pro-kompetenz staff has coordinated or been involved in about 40 EU projects and has also done QM in European and national projects).
  • Didactics: Development of concepts for learner centred and cooperative learning. Strategies for motivating learning settings for foreign language learning.
  • Communication: Second language learning and intercultural education. Experiences from the development of learning materials and communication scenarios. Input from the EU project “The European Intercultural workplace” where the institute was a partner. Pro-kompetenz also is author of the learning module “Foreign language and intercultural competence” for the innovation platform InnoSupport (project of excellence under LdV).
  • Consultation on the implementation of innovative educational concepts and learning programmes, with focus on learning with mobile applications.
In national projects, promoted by the German Federal Ministry of Research and Education, pro-kompetenz has provided guidance to introduce innovative learning programmes.