O3 - A5 Fine tuning and final versions of the learning programme

Output description:

Fine tuning of the platform for the Healthcare English Language Programme to meet requirements to support cooperative formal and informal learning of healthcare professionals in the workplace and for those who work abroad, for medical tourism and for healthcare students. Localisation where required.

  • Editing (planned P7) final graphical design and layout
  • Printing of the HELP learning material and transport to partners (P3); distribution for dissemination (all)
  • Material for downloading from the HELP learning platform (P1). 


Final work and corrections on the Healthcare English Language Programme from lay-out and graphical viewpoints. The materials will be processed into a printable form, printed, bound into a paperback covering.

Transport of appropriate number of learning materials to individual project participating countries. From each country - dissemination of learning materials to scientific libraries, medical, nursing or health care faculties, public agencies, academies of education, during healthcare conferences etc.

Fine tuning of user friendly content presentation, navigation, communication, guidance of the HELP learning platform.


03 – A5.1: Final digital version of the platform for the HELP and Intercultural competence

03 – A5.2: the HELP and Intercultural competence – printed versions

Performance indicators:

 O6 FINE TUNING AND FINAL VERSIONS  work package leader: P2 Fast Track into Information Technology Ltd. (IE)
Who? What? When? comments
P 7 Editing 01.09.16 – 30.04.17 can start in September 2016 in order to avoid stress with printing



control of visuals and spell-checking of the text Ongoing until 30.04.17

In line with changes coming from piloting



module authors


Update after piloting finished 31.03.17  

P7 P3


Review of the material - final editing, layout, graphic design and related activities finished 30.04.17  
P3 Printing of the final version and finalization digital version May 17  



Dissemination Conference June 17  



transport of learning materials to individual countries;

start dissemination of the project’s final products in partner countries and networks;

June 17  



Final version of HELP Platform finished and working; transfer to partner servers





  • Final Printed Versions
  • Final Media Based Versions

Lead Partner: P2 Fast Track into Information Technology Ltd. (FIT) (IE)

Collaborative Partners:

P1 Tecnalia Research & Innovation  (ES)

P3 Faculty of Health Sciences, Palacký University Olomouc (CZ)

P4 Pro-kompetenz (DE)

P5 Klaipeda University, Department of Nursing, Faculty of Health (LT)

P6 English in Medical Practice Association (PL)

P7 Slovenská Zdravotnícka Univerzita (SK)

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