Piloting action at Medical University of Gdańsk, Nursing Faculty (Poland)

On the 28th October 2016 a group of 13 M.A. Nursing students and their leading teacher, Ms. Elżbieta Perepeczko, took part in piloting and dissemination activities from the HELP project.
The piloted Module 3 “Physical Examination” was given to students in the written version. Additionally, the students were familiarized with the HELP platform.
The students tested all types of the exercises, including the interactive ones:
– all written and spoken exercises were practised
– vocabulary exercises (Language Focus 1, 2, 3, 4)
– Listening 1 – ICNP key words
– Listening 2A & B – Patient Interview
– Listening 3 – Measuring Blood Pressure
– Video Clip 1 – Evaluation of a Postoperative Wound
– Language CornerThe idea of the HELP project was really welcomed by the students, especially that they remember well the patchwork of materials prepared by the English teachers during their B.A. course of studies at Medical University of Gdańsk, Language Department.
The students were demonstrated and tested Module 3 on two levels – first they were introduced to the HELP platform and its navigation. Next, all the students were handed in the pdf written versions of the module. A variety of tasks was covered, including the interactive ones which were given a lot of appreciation.
The students only did not experience working with the HELP Learning App which is not ready yet. Therefore, the questionnaires do not cover the part on the HELP Learning App.
The paper versions of the questionnaires were filled in after having completed the module both by the teacher and 13 students (1 student left before the end of the lesson).
All the participants agreed to receive the HELP newsletter.

Strong points mentioned:

  • Innovative language programme on English for Medical Purposes (students have never come across similar materials on such professional healthcare and linguistic level)
  • Innovative incorporation of intercultural topics into EMP learning/teaching
  • Great emphasis on a variety of listening exercises
  • Possibility of changing the speed of recording in listening exercises
  • Video Clip (cartoon) was found very funny
  • Recorded Key words which are a useful innovation (students mentioned how hard it is to find a reliable source with a pronunciation pattern for English medical words)
  • Pictures for matching (Language Focus 2 and 3)

The B1/B2 level is adequate for this target group
The content of the text for reading comprehension is not much appealing to one student
Some students value the HELP platform over the HELP App (they do not consider a smartphone as a tool for learning)
The general feedback was very positive. Students pointed to lack of educational materials on Medical English on the Polish market, with special emphasis put on media-based didactic materials. They are impatient to start using the final version of the platform and being able to download full pdf versions of the modules.
During the meeting the students were also given the HELP leaflets, which promotes project dissemination.